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"Rovio x Sega" is real as Sonic Rumble enters closed beta May 24th

The first title from Sega and Rovio is appropriately on mobile and the latest in the on-going Sonic series
  • Sonic Rumble's reveal comes less than nine months on from the completion of Sega’s €706 million acquisition of Rovio
  • Sonic Rumble is a battle royale title and Sega and Rovio's first joint game post-acquisition

Sega and Rovio’s first joint Sonic mobile game is coming later this year sometime after the closed beta dashes into fans’ hands on May 26th.

The reveal of Sonic Rumble comes less than nine months on from the completion of Sega’s €706 million acquisition of Rovio, a deal overtly intended to bolster Sega’s mobile capabilities.

In fact, a "Rovio x Sega" mobile game was teased in Sega’s financial report last November, and now Sonic Rumble confirms exactly what the pair have been working on.

The first step of the race

Sonic Rumble will officially join the Sonic the Hedgehog library this winter, hedging its bets on mobile in the popular battle royale genre. This marks Sonic’s first true foray into the genre and suitably, returning characters are getting a fresh look in line with all this newness.

Characters in Sonic Rumble are actually in-game toy figures come to life, opening the game up to a distinct artstyle.

Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Silver, and even Dr Eggman have miniature models to emphasise the toy aesthetic, and character customisation will offer even more new looks to old favourites - whether that’s a feathered cap or a classic Sonic ring for an ear piercing.

There are more returning characters besides, giving players plenty of variety in their 32-person battle royales; gameplay will see them race to collect the most rings and outrun every other toy in the toybox, with the first taster zooming out later this month in a closed beta from May 24th to May 26th.

Sega has taken the lead on development and management of its flagship franchise’s latest game, but Rovio is confirmed to be collaborating on the project. Sonic Rumble therefore marks their first joint title, an important step on the road to growing the Sonic brand and reaching "the wider audience of casual mobile games".

While the full release of Sonic Rumble has only a vague Winter 2024 release window for now, Paramount Pictures’ latest instalment in the series’ movie franchise, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, is launching on December 20th.

Back in March, Angry Birds and Sonic cross-promoted with a week-long multi-game special event spanning five collaborations.