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Updated: Rumour: Nintendo to celebrate Mario's 35th anniversary with multiple remasters on Switch

64, Sunshine, Galaxy, and 3D World all reported to be making a comeback
Updated: Rumour: Nintendo to celebrate Mario's 35th anniversary with multiple remasters on Switch
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Updated 31st March 2020, 2:20pm: Further reports around Nintendo's celebrations for Mario's 35th anniversary have started to spring up, with new information about the releases.

VentureBeat has now checked with its own sources and learned that Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy may be released as one complete collection, akin to the Super Mario All-Stars collection released on SNES. Or, according to its report, it won't, and each game will be released separately.

As for the new Paper Mario game, it is expected to be closer in style to the the first two titles in the series. Eurogamer has also reportedly heard similar things, going as far as to suggest the next Paper Mario will be "shooting for" Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It also suggests that these games will be launched in September 2020.

Original story below...

Multiple sources and websites have claimed that Nintendo is planning to remaster almost every 3D Mario game for the Switch in 2020 to celebrate the mascot's 35th anniversary.

Reports have come flooding in, first via VGC, then Eurogamer, then Gematsu, of the remasters. Specifically, it is rumoured that Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy will be remastered for the Switch.

In amongst all that is rumoured to be a new Paper Mario game, and a Deluxe edition of Wii U title Super Mario 3D World complete with additional levels.

A galaxy of sunshine

Nintendo has responded to all three of the above websites with its stock response that it does not comment on rumours or speculation.

The company has made several partnerships already this year to celebrate Mario's anniversary. A new line of clothing with Levis was revealed in March, with a Lego Super Mario set unveiled shortly afterwards.

While Mario continues to reign supreme on Switch, his mobile outings have been less fruitful for Nintendo. Fire Emblem Heroes remains the top-grossing Nintendo mobile game, with Mario Kart Tour trailing in fourth.