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Sega aims to improve work-life balance for employees

Japanese publisher also interested in addressing addiction
Sega aims to improve work-life balance for employees
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Japanese publishing giant Sega has made an effort to improve its working culture.

That's according to a report the firm released - as posted on Resetera - in which the company says there are three areas it is focusing on to improve as a company.

Culture pillars

The first is making sure its employees have a good work-life balance. Sega says that staff do between 80 and 90 per cent less overtime now compared to 2014. That's certainly a good stat to have to hand at a time when industry employees are growing ever-tired of the working conditions in the sector

Additionally, the publisher is looking to address addiction following the World Health Organisation recognising video games addiction as a health condition. Sega says it is going to "implement initiatives that spread and increased awareness of addiction prevention measures."

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