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Sega opens new California-based office to encourage creativity and facilitate streaming

Office will be a space for 235 employees across Sega and Atlus
Sega opens new California-based office to encourage creativity and facilitate streaming

Sega of America has officially unveiled the opening of its newest office, located in Irvine, California for its NA headquarters. It will facilitate as many as 235 Sega employees, including employees from Sega’s many publishing departments and members of the company’s subsidiary, Atlus Games.

An onsite ceremony took place yesterday to celebrate the opening, welcoming back employees local to Sega of America and featuring an appearance by Sonic the Hedgehog.

Creativity and colour

The new location in Irvine will aim to enable collaboration onsite as well as offer the Sega team opportunities for media streaming and creative ideation. It includes an indoor and outdoor "flow", with meeting spaces and colourful branding to encourage creativity.

While details as to what games may be developed here are currently unknown, Sega does have a number of titles on mobile already – from Sonic Dash to Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! Furthermore, a partnership was announced in recent months with Japan-based blockchain game maker double, teaming up with Sega to develop a Sangokushi Taisen game. It will be the first in Sega’s catalogue to utilise blockchain technology.

"The opening of the new Sega of America headquarters in Irvine represents a new era for one of the gaming world's most esteemed brands," said Sega Corporation co-COO and Sega of America CEO Shuji Utsumi.

"We’re so proud to introduce this amazing new space for collaboration and creativity for the Sega of America family. Since the company’s founding in 1960, Sega has harbored the spirit of quality, fun and ingenuity in all our works. This new space helps to foster a genial and team-oriented culture to reinforce that purpose and create new stories and worlds that will entertain gamers for generations."

This new studio isn’t the only one to have been opened by Sega recently; in October, the company officially announced its new Singapore-based subsidiary with an aim to tap into the growing Singaporean market.