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Skillz awards Play Mechanix as its first Developer of the Year at GDC

Following success of Big Buck Hunter: Marksman
Skillz awards Play Mechanix as its first Developer of the Year at GDC

Competitive mobile games platform Skillz has revealed the recipient of its first-ever Developer of the Year award to be Play Mechanix.

The Big Buck Hunter developer added a new entry to the franchise exclusively on the Skillz platform last September with the mobile release of Big Buck Hunter: Marksman.

Now it is being recognised by Skillz as its 2021 standout developer partner, as revealed at the 36th Annual Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco.

"Developers are the heart and soul of the Skillz platform, so it’s a pleasure to honor Play Mechanix as the recipient of Skillz’ first ‘Developer of the Year’ Award," said Skillz CEO Andrew Paradise.

Advantages of the platform

The partnership between Skillz and Play Mechanix started in 2020 with the aim to leverage the Skillz platform and bring Big Buck Hunter from the arcades onto mobile. Launching with competitions on the Skillz platform has introduced a new fanbase to the game, and moving forward there will be new animals to target and a new sync version integrating Photon Engine from Skillz’ partner Exit Games.

Play Mechanix president George Petro commented: "There is no other platform out there that matches Skillz’ triple-threat ability to enable developers to bring their games to life, create new games partnering with some of the most recognisable branded IP and build games that monetise for a built-in mobile gaming audience that thrives on competition."

Speaking at GDC, Paradise will discuss with Petro and Photon Engine head of growth Mark Val the monetisation opportunities for developers in using competitions in games.

Last week, Skillz announced that it is teaming up with the American Cancer Society, its Gaming for Good partner, to launch a competitive tournament on mobile taking place on three consecutive Sundays.