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SocialPeta's evolution: advancing mobile game advertising with AI, Apple Search Ads, and STEAM game insights

Find out more about SocialPeta's new enhanced features and capabilities before the company's appearance at Gamesforum Hamburg
SocialPeta's evolution: advancing mobile game advertising with AI, Apple Search Ads, and STEAM game insights
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SocialPeta, a leading mobile advertising intelligence platform, is thrilled to announce its participation in the highly anticipated Gamesforum Hamburg 2024 event, scheduled for 11-12 June. Summer Liu, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of SocialPeta, has been invited to join a panel for an engaging discussion about ad creatives in the mobile gaming industry.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, SocialPeta aims to connect with fellow industry professionals at Gamesforum Hamburg and share invaluable insights on the optimisation of ad creatives and the enhancement of user acquisition strategies specifically tailored for game developers.

Over the past six months, SocialPeta has undergone substantial upgrades, enhancing features and overall user experience. Notable improvements include expanded search filters for advanced exploration and efficiency, alongside innovative modules like the 'AI Center' (AIGC), Apple Search Ads integration and the expansion of an ad creative database about STEAM games. 

AI Draw Enhances Creativity for Developers

The AI Center's standout feature, AI Draw, leverages SocialPeta's vast database of 1.6 billion global mobile marketing creatives to deliver impactful visuals tailored to specific game worlds. This tool enables game developers to swiftly generate high-quality, AI-generated images, fostering creativity and aiding in the development of new intellectual properties.

Unlocking ASA Insights for Enhanced Ad Campaigns

Furthermore, SocialPeta now offers exclusive access to Apple Search Ads (ASA), streamlining ASA campaigns for better user conversion rates. This service includes in-depth research on keyword selection and region targeting, enabling clients to optimise ad spend effectively.

Accessing a Wealth of STEAM Game Ad Creatives

In another exciting update, SocialPeta has expanded its database to include a vast collection of ad creatives from STEAM games. This addition is a boon for game marketers looking to expand their campaigns into the PC gaming space, with access to over 100 million PC game marketing creatives.

Among its enhanced offerings, SocialPeta now provides valuable insights previously exclusive to VIP members, such as daily App Store and Google Play rankings, pre-order app advertising charts, and app download and revenue top charts, now accessible to all registered users.

SocialPeta remains committed to engaging with global mobile game studios to gather feedback and continuously enhance its services. Through ongoing product development and collaboration with industry leaders like Moon Active, SocialPeta aims to empower mobile game professionals to navigate and succeed in the competitive global market.

For more information on SocialPeta's latest features and services, visit the company website