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Supercell overcomes EA to gain #1 top grossing game and company status on iOS

With hot on their heels
Supercell overcomes EA to gain #1 top grossing game and company status on iOS
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In the app store information battle now raging between App Annie and Distimo, it's the Dutch outfit that sneaks out on top - this week at least.

Its data has been contextualised in an excellent report from fellow Dutch outfit Newzoo, which has been released to promote its market breakdown on the US and Northern European mobile sector.

Clash of giants

One aspect of this is Distimo's estimate of how Google Play and iOS are monetising, and the games and companies that are making the most cash.

Detailed for January 2013, across 44 tracked countries, on iOS the competition between Supercell and EA continues apace.

In December, EA was ahead of Supercell, thanks to the 9 games it then had in the top 200 (now 10), but in January, the Finnish outfit bounced back gaining the top spot. 

Clash of Clans remains the top grossing individual title in January, while's Candy Crush Saga was #2, Supercell's Hay Day was #3, leaving The Simpsons: Tapped Out at #4. It was #2 in December. and Kabam featured in the company-wise top 5, although Gameloft's position at #4 is a surprise, given its failure to have a headline global success in terms of free-to-play games. Instead, its volume approach gives it rank; it has 15 games in the top 200.

Mysteries of the east

When it comes to Google Play, however, the picture changes radically.

With Korea and Japan the two most valuable Android markets, it's Japanese and Korea companies who lead the charge.

GungHo ranks #1 thanks to the massive success of Puzzle and Dragons in Japan.

While DeNA's Mobage is #3, while arch-rival GREE is #5, although they do have very different publishing strategies.

Other high raking companies are Korean web portal Naver and Japanese location-based specialist Colopl, are focused on their own internal markets, and hence not well known in the west.