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Supercell’s new mobile strategy game Rush Wars soft-launches in Canada, New Zealand and Australia

Gameplay revolves around defeating enemy bases
Supercell’s new mobile strategy game Rush Wars soft-launches in Canada, New Zealand and Australia
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Supercell has officially revealed and soft-launched a new mobile strategy game called Rush Wars in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

A short trailer for the game shows numerous special characters with different abilities, including Pitcher, Coach, B.I.G., Gorilla, Boxer, Troopers, Arcade and Bearman.

Casual strategy

The title is described as a casual game “for everyone to enjoy”, but one that also “provides depth and challenge” for competitive players as they rise through the ranks.

Gameplay revolves around sending troops into enemy bases and attempting to take up to three stars. Players will also have the ability to place defences in their own base, which other users will be up against when they attack.

Players will have the ability to play with friends or join other teams for competitive team battles.


For a deeper look at the gameplay, YouTuber Chief Pat, along with a number of other influencers, has uploaded footage of the game in action.


Sixth time lucky?

Should Rush Wars make it to a full global launch, it would be Supercell’s sixth release, following the likes of Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars.

The developer’s first four games have all surpassed $1 billion in revenue, while the latter is estimated to have brought in $275 million as of June 2019 following its December 2018 release.

Supercell has a history of cancelling games that aren't massive hits, however. Games like Spooky Pop and Smash Land were shelved before a global launch, while Brawl Stars spent 544 days in soft launch before eventually getting a full release.

Update: A new Rush Wars gameplay trailer has landed hot on the heels of the official announcement, which you can view below.


Supercell was recently ranked fourth on our list of the Top 50 Mobile Game Makers for 2019.

Pocket Gamer Connects will be heading to Supercell's hometown Helsinki on October 1st and 2nd. Visit the website for details on the conference.