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Moving into high gear - see the brand new Triple-A Racing Kingdom at PGC London!

SuperGears Games' Racing Kingdom is one of over 90 new titles to be showcased at PGC London - finds out more from studio CEO Yasin Demirden
Moving into high gear - see the brand new Triple-A Racing Kingdom at PGC London!
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SuperGears Games CEO, Yasin Demirden, discusses its ambitious racing project Racing Kingdom, which will showcase at Pocket Gamer Connects London!

PGC London is now less than a week away and we’re excited to be welcoming over 2,500 attendees, representing over 900+ leading companies within the mobile, console, PC, blockchain, VR and AR gaming space.

We’re also excited to announce that over 90+ products will be showcased at the event, including among them one of 2024’s most promising mobile gaming releases in Racing Kingdom.

The pioneering, triple-A, racing game is expected to launch between Q1 and Q2 of this year, and will mark the debut release for its Istanbul-based developer, SuperGears Games. Formed in 2022, SuperGears Games has moved at a remarkably fast pace in developing Racing Kingdom. After launch, the studio aims to expand the project into a diverse gaming hub that will cover all conceivable racing genres to appeal to a wide-demographic of racing game enthusiasts.

It was our pleasure to speak with SuperGear’s CEO, Yasin Demirden, about their Racing Kingdom project, their expectations for PGC London 2024, and what lies in-store for the company during the year ahead. For those not yet acquainted with your team, can you introduce yourselves and your roles at SuperGears Games?

Yasin Demirden: I’m Yasin Demirden, co-founder and CEO of SuperGears Games. We kicked off the studio in Istanbul back in 2022 with my brother Yakup Demirden, and together, we've had a hand in some pretty successful games in the gaming world. We’ve been called the Demirden Brothers! Over the years, we've dabbled in various game genres like MMOFPS, horror-adventure, action, and racing, reaching millions of players globally. With more than two decades of experience in PC game development, we decided to dive into the mobile gaming scene by launching SuperGears Games. I know you're planning to attend PGC London later this month. Is this your first time?

No, this won't be our first time attending PGC London. We've been part of this fantastic event before and always look forward to connecting with fellow gaming enthusiasts, sharing our experiences, and exploring the latest trends in the industry. What has your experience been of past PGC events and what are your expectations for our next show?

Our past experiences at PGC events have been incredibly positive. We've always received a very warm welcome from the gaming community, and it's been a fantastic platform for networking and knowledge sharing. It's been really heartwarming to see how developers are so welcoming and willing to share their wealth of experience.

This year, we're particularly excited about our focus on investor relations. Given the growing interest and attention surrounding our upcoming title, we believe PGC London is the perfect opportunity to connect with potential investors and partners. In fact, lots of investors have already matched with us, and we're looking forward to meeting them and exploring collaboration opportunities during the event. We expect the next show to be even more vibrant and productive, with plenty of insightful discussions and exciting opportunities on the horizon.

“We are not only creating a racing game universe but also a highly valuable IP that we are committed to building successfully and expanding.”
Yasin Demirden We know that you are working on an ambitious title at the moment. Can you tell us what is unique about Racing Kingdom?

Absolutely! Racing Kingdom is, above all, a racing game universe that aims to redefine the gaming landscape. It's a mobile gaming experience that combines all racing game genres, offering next-generation graphics and ultra-realistic sound. With unique features like regional battles, the ability for players to design their own vehicles from scratch, and pet add-ons, Racing Kingdom is on a mission to provide players with a groundbreaking gaming adventure.

Scheduled for release on mobile devices in 2024, Racing Kingdom is set to begin with Drag racing, the most popular racing genre, as the platform's debut game. However, our ambition doesn't stop there. Our vision includes expanding the game library by adding other popular racing genres such as drift, off-road, and motocross, creating an unparalleled racing universe that brings together speed enthusiasts.

Moreover, Racing Kingdom is dedicated to shifting the social gameplay experience to the next level, fostering cross-game interaction and player-to-player trading, and ensuring that our community remains deeply engaged with Racing Kingdom as the epicentre of their gaming experiences. From core gamers to casual players, everyone can expect the unexpected and fall in love with Racing Kingdom. We hear that many well-known figures in the gaming world have shown a strong interest in the SuperGears and Racing Kingdom projects. What can you tell us about this?

Honestly speaking, it's a blast to see such a strong interest from prominent figures in the gaming world towards SuperGears and Racing Kingdom. We are not only creating a racing game universe but also a highly valuable IP that we are committed to building successfully and expanding. We've been fortunate enough to bring together industry luminaries like Cevat Yerli (ex-Crytek CEO) and Frank Sagnier (ex-Codemasters CEO) to achieve this goal. Their involvement speaks volumes about the potential and significance of Racing Kingdom, and we're excited to have their support and expertise in this exciting journey.

For those interested in connecting with Yasin Demirden, you’ll be able to meet him as well as his colleagues, in person at Pocket Gamer Connects London from 22nd - 23rd January. Those who have registered for the event’s MeetToMatch system can request a meeting with the SuperGears team, as well as all other registered attendees ahead of the event.