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SYBO to run “biggest activation yet” for Pride Month

The developer will be partnering with numerous charities for the event
SYBO to run “biggest activation yet” for Pride Month
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Sybo, developers of global mega-hit mobile title Subway Surfers will be partnering with LGBTQIA+ charities for Pride month as part of its “biggest activation yet.”

Sybo’s multi-channel pride campaign will offer a variety of additions to their games, as well as partnerships outside of them to mark the month. In Subway Surfers, as part of the World Tour mechanic, Sybo will be adding a Pride-themed map of New York City, as well as introducing a new non-binary character named Rain to the title.

Aside from real-world partnerships with organisations such as It Gets Better and Copenhagen Pride - Sybo is of course, a Danish developer - Sybo will also be partnering with Gay Gaming Pros, an organisation aiming to provide aspiring game developers within the LGBTQIA+ community with resources, scholarships and more to help them pursue their career goals.

The partnership with Gay Gaming Pros will also be a long-term collaboration, Sybo has confirmed. CEO of Sybo, Mathias Gredal Nørvig commented, “Given the sheer size and scope of our global community, we want to use Subway Surfers as a platform to uplift and raise awareness for underrepresented parts of our community.

“Celebrating Pride with in-game content is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re proud to now partner with the It Gets Better Project to elevate their vital message, as well as the Gay Gaming Pros to provide career advancement opportunities for talented aspiring gaming professionals.”

Activate, activate, activate

In the past year Sybo has been pushing the envelope for activations both in-game and in the real world. Just last month they celebrated Subway Surfer’s 11th anniversary with an event titled Hoverboard Hunt that saw fans journey around Copenhagen to find hidden QR codes and Subway Surfers-themed graffiti.

The massive, ongoing success of Subway Surfers has perhaps inspired Sybo to expand their activations even more. We covered the history of this major title in February’s instalment of Mobile Masterworks.