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Tai Verdes and Roblox announce an exclusive avatar-led concert

Performance will include new single Let’s go to Hell
Tai Verdes and Roblox announce an exclusive avatar-led concert
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Roblox has partnered with US singer-songwriter Tai Verdes to perform the latest of the platform's virtual concerts.

The virtual concert will premiere on November 13th at 7pm UTC, with the show repeating each hour through the weekend.

This four-song concert was developed by Roblox studio Melon, a developer responsible for launch parties including Ava Max, Why Don’t We, Zara Larsson, and KSI.

The difference between previous Roblox launch party venues and this one will be that instead of the artist appearing on a video screen, Verdes will appear in avatar form as he performs from his Venice Beach-inspired boardwalk on Roblox.

The venue is open, so Roblox users and Tai Verdes fans can explore the space, connect with people and prepare for the concert premiere. 

Music in the metaverse

"Tai Verdes is at the top of his game right now and we are thrilled he’s performing his new single on Roblox,' said Roblox VP and global head of music Jon Vlassopulos.

"Roblox has always been about empowering our developer community to build next-generation experiences on the platform for the global community to enjoy."

The range of music experiences in the Roblox metaverse, from listening parties to virtual concerts and now virtual festivals, are a new way for artists to reach new fans.

"We thrive on artists’ creativity and it inspires us to push the boundaries of what our proprietary technology and avatars can do," said Melon CEO Devon Thome.

Melon president Josh Neuman added: "We’re thrilled to partner with Roblox to help shape this new medium and re-imagine what music experiences can be."

The exclusive space will showcase a live Q&A with Verdes after the first concert performance on Saturday morning. Full concert details can be found here.