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Ten Square Games saw an increase in installs in Q3 2021

Fishing Clash launched in China
Ten Square Games saw an increase in installs in Q3 2021

Ten Square Games has released its Q3 financial report following its successful entry into the Chinese market and acquisition of Rortos.

Its bookings have remained stable in the post-lockdown market where players have regained access to alternate entertainment forms.

Sales of Fishing Clash, Ten Square Games’ flagship title, has improved over Q2 both on Apple and Android.

While market spending decreased in Q3, installs reportedly rose by 11% quarter-to-quarter and the effective cost per install was reduced. In China, Fishing Clash was launched this quarter and has been downloaded approximately 1.2 million times.

The game first arrived on the Chinese iOS store and then became available on Android via the NetEase network in July 2021. It reached the 10 highest-grossing sports games on iOS.

The game is now entering Bilibili and Momoyu.

Despite notably lower marketing expenses, Ten Square Games’ Hunting Clash has also had a stable quarter and the team has scaled up.

“With a broadened team of highly experienced professionals, we’re working on improving the existing portfolio and launching four exciting titles in 2022,” said Ten Square Games’ CEO, Maciej Zużałek.

Smart Growing

Ten Square Games intends to continue with its smart growing strategy, meaning adjusting to market changes and seeking out business opportunities.

Rortos joined Ten Square Games in July 2021 and its portfolio is contributing to results. Rortos’ flagship title, Airline Commander, is being further optimised in cooperation with a designated TSG team.

“Airline Commander will be included in our smart growing strategy, that allows the most effective, iterative cooperation of product and marketing teams to serve the best possible experience to our players,” commented Ten Square Games’ Chief Growth Officer, Anna Idzikowska.

‘We are in a very exciting moment of both taking our current products to their new levels and launching brand new titles that will drive us towards new market segments,” explained Ten Square Games’ Chief of Product Strategy, Wojciech Gattner.

"In terms of existing games, we managed to shift away from a portfolio where Fishing Clash generated more than 90 per cent of bookings a year ago towards a far more balanced one where Hunting Clash weighs almost 20 per cent, while Rortos and evergreen titles bring 10 per cent.

“Such diversification strengthens our pipeline as we plan to soft-launch four new games in the first half of 2022, including a sports title, which has been redefined for the U.S. market, as well as a new hybrid game with a strong focus on social features developed by our Warsaw team.”

The largest bookings came from players in North America (47 per cent) and Europe (36 per cent). Asian markets made up 17 per cent.