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Tencent and Intel partner for Instant Play streaming service

Details are scarce, but we'll likely know more at GDC
Tencent and Intel partner for Instant Play streaming service

Chinese tech and entertainment behemoth Tencent is launching its own streaming service called Instant Play with Intel.

That's according to Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad, who reports that this new initiative will work with both PC and mobile devices.

Per images from Ahmad's tweets, the service will stream gameplay footage at 60 frames per second at a 1080p resolution with a latency of below 40ms.

Monster Hunter World is seen being played on a laptop; Tencent has the Chinese publishing rights for this title, though this title was pulled from sale in the region in August last year as part of the game approval freeze that lasted between March and December.

GDC session

Furthermore, Tencent and Intel are holding a session at this year's GDC where they are going to be discussing cloud games solutions for PC and Android, which suggests that this might not be making the leap to iOS devices, at least not yet.

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