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How to track and maximize ROI on YouTube influencer campaigns

Guy Hollender on digging deeper
How to track and maximize ROI on YouTube influencer campaigns
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Guy Hollender is CEO of mobile gift reward management platform Trophit.

I've previously outlined how mobile game and app marketers can use TROPHiT iAP-voucher system to boost UA on traditional CPI-driven channels such as Facebook.

Now let's focus the hot trend of the moment: how mobile game marketers can combine the powers of TROPHiT with YouTube influencer marketing.

Maximizing ROI for your YouTuber campaigns

Like on any other UA channel, the first effect of TROPHiT is that it improves your view-to-install conversion rate.

Imagine that at the end of his or her dedicated video about your game, your sponsored YouTuber points down to the bottom of the screen with both hands, while telling his or her users: "you can start the game with an advantage exclusive to my fans, if you tap the link in the description under this video, while browsing on your smartphone or tablet".

The link in question goes either straight to the appropriate app store or to a landing download page, depending on marketer's funneling preferences.

Basking in reciprocity

All links are boosted by TROPHiT technology for the redemption of the free iAP.

Because it gives instant value and has a feeling of both exclusivity and time-pressure, this extra motivation tremendously boosts impulsive actions. Rather than pondering if he or she might install this game later, user is encouraged to just do so right now.

Optimizing conversion is always a good thing but it's particularly important in the case of an influencer campaign.

As a matter of fact, these campaigns don't come cheap if you want to convince a prominent YouTuber to do something with high impact.

“TROPHiT-powered campaigns links are able to help us gain more visibility.”
Kenneth Mei, GREE

Unlike other UA routes, you're not buying users one by one on a CPI base, but rather doing a stunt and measuring eCPI and other positive consequences after spending 5 or 6-digits amounts in one go. You might as well hedge your bet and mitigate your risks.

Beyond branding, YouTuber campaigns can yield immediate short-term bursts of installs in high numbers - if done right.

GREE has been testing this mechanic on YouTube for War of Nations.

Associate Marketing Manager, Kenneth Mei says "TROPHiT-powered campaigns links are able to help us gain more visibility into the effectiveness of our influencer campaigns in ways not possible before."

Tracking effectiveness of your influencer outreach

One big caveat of YouTuber outreach is the lack of precise data-tracking that is inherent to such campaigns.

This is another point that TROPHiT can help your data team address with improved accuracy.

Imagine you've just run a campaign like Seriously's Mobile Treasure Hunt in Best Fiends, involving no less than 13 top YouTubers with a combined audience of +60 million, at the exact same time - how do you know which of these YouTubers had the most impact for you?

This could be quite interesting information for the next big stunt…


One could measure all these YouTubers against one another by applying the same method described above, and then checking the TROPHiT redemptions stats for each influencer.

Compared to a link without TROPHiT voucher, the click-through rate is immensely higher, which helps building a significant and conclusive statistical sample.

Like on any other platform, game developers and publishers can use TROPHiT in conjunction with YouTube influencer marketing campaigns without integrating any SDK, simply by relying on Adjust, AppsFlyer, Kochava, TUNE MAT or any other pre-existing solution for traffic source attribution.

You can find out more about TROPHiT here.