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TROPHiT announces its revolutionary virtual item exchange network

Re-engage through re-use of old assets
TROPHiT announces its revolutionary virtual item exchange network
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As you can likely tell, Israeli outfit TROPHiT has a thing about lower case 'i's and upper case everything else.

So when it came up with a new exchange platform for virtual goods and unwanted in-game currency, it stuck with the system it liked.

Called ViXN (Virtual Item eXchange Network), the exchange needs to be supported by game developers. They set how, what and at what rate players can exchange currency.

For example, they could encourage churning players of their old games to convert currency for their latest game; potentially turning inactive players into loyal superfans.

Adding a new tool in the UA armory, developers and publishers can also enable players to move their assets between games. In this case, TROPHiT takes a small cut of the transaction.


In order to kickstart adoption, TROPHiT is currently running a limited time promotion.

Companies who use ViXN will also get free access to TROPHiT's gift-voucher system, which is being used by the likes of Elex Tech in its games.

“Generosity is a great mechanic.”
Guy Hollender

Both TROPHiT and ViXN can be used with or without SKD integration.

“Generosity is a great mechanic, our motto goes, and ViXN is the next brick in building our vision: making the virtual economy more dynamic for publishers, and more fun for users,” said TROPHiT CEO Guy Hollender.

CTO Sagi Mann added: “We have built a robust back-end technology that is in essence a stock exchange for virtual goods and currency, and it can all be managed and updated in real-time.”

Interested companies can sign up for the beta here