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Unity and ironSource announce merger

The companies will collaborate on a new platform that will embed Unity tools with monetisation indicators during games creation
Unity and ironSource announce merger
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Jul 13, 2022 merger IronSource Unity Not disclosed
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Unity Software has announced a merger with ironSource, a leading app economy software firm. Unity aim of utilising IronSource’s tools, platform, technology, and talent to form an end-to-end platform that allows creators to more easily create, run, monetise, and scale live games and real-time 3D content.

ironSource’s technology is used in many leading games, as well as non-gaming apps, for monetisation, marketing, analytics, and discovery, and Unity hopes that the ironSource enhancements for Unity Operate Solutions will yield immediate benefits for creators and build robust businesses, particularly in regards to monetisation.

The economic engine

Referring to advertising as “the economic engine for mobile games”, Unity will utilise ironSource’s facilities to “further [its] mission to be the economic engine/driver for our creators’ success so creators can continue their craft of making games".

The data and product capabilities of both Unity and IronSource will offer creators funding for user acquisition and monetisation, allowing them to accelerate their economic performance.

The new platform will also enable creators to gain early indicators of success through user acquisition of their prototypes, giving them feedback from players which will allow them to continue to finetune their games based on what’s working between gameplay, design, and monetisation strategies.

Despite the success of the business, Unity have had some struggles with revenue. Earlier this month, we reported that Unity has let go of four per cent of its workforce worldwide. As much of the company’s revenue is dependent on Unity Ads, recent changes in policies regarding the use of targeted ads have come as a big blow to the business. has reached out to Unity and ironSource for comment.