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Unity launches Social Impact Division to support equality and sustainability

It is backed by a charity fund
Unity launches Social Impact Division to support equality and sustainability
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Unity has launched a Social Impact Division to support equal opportunities, health and sustainability.

The new initiative will be supported by the Unity Charitable Fund, which has been established in partnership with Tides Foundation. Unity's fund has been seeded with 750,000 shares of company equity.

Moreover, the Unity Charitable Fund will be used to provide non-profit organisations with grants. It will be used to aid in the areas of education, inclusivity, safety, accessibility and sustainability.

The Social Impact Division will be a focal point for the upcoming Unity for Humanity Summit, which will take place from October 21st to October 22nd.


"By coalescing social impact efforts into its own division at Unity, we're now able to do more to have a positive impact for creators and communities around the globe," said Unity social impact vice president Jessica Lindl.

"Unity has long made strides to make education and economic opportunity widely available, to ensure privacy and online safety, and to demonstrate environmental responsibility through sustainability initiatives. Unity Social Impact allows us to centralise these efforts, so we can identify new opportunities to foster a cleaner, safer, and more equitable world."

Recently, the tech giant launched its Game Growth Program to support free-to-play indie titles.