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Android users play Unity games longer than iOS players

Unity breaks down the state of play in Q3 2016
Android users play Unity games longer than iOS players
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Android users are spending more time playing Unity-powered games than iOS players, according to a new report.

Unity studied player behaviour from over five billion Unity game installs across nearly 2.4 billion devices to provide the data for its research.

It found that the average player on an Android device spent 26.6 minutes playing Unity-powered games each day. On iOS this number dropped to 19.8 minutes.

As for sessions lengths, Android wins out again. Android users spent two minutes more on games than iOS users. Broken down further, the top countries for sessions length were Canada, Puerto Rico, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK.

In terms of OS, iOS 10 saw a huge adoption rate, with 91.6% of sessions recorded on the OS. For Android, 88% of sessions were made on Android 4.4 and above.

Size matters

Screen size also made a large difference in terms of sessions played. On Android, five times as many sessions were recorded on phones over phablets and tablets. iOS saw a similar divide, with two times more sessions played on phones over tablets.

The report also noted that three times more iPhone 7s activated during the first three weeks of launch than iPhone 7 Plus'.

The numbers however differ compared to last year, with 20% fewer iPhone 7's being activated than 6S' were when they were launched, while 10% more iPhone 7 Plus' were activated than 6S Plus'.