How Space Ape makes up to 50% of its revenues from in-game events

How Space Ape makes up to 50% of its revenues from in-game events

At Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2016, Simon Hade, COO of Transformers: Earth Wars developer Space Ape Games, gave a talk on how the studio uses in-game events to drive its revenue.

Hade defined in-game events as a "system that sits on top of the core game", and provides different objectives and tweaks to existing gameplay.

Peer pressure

One thing that pushes these events is the "social drama" involved with alliance-based events, in which some players will peer pressure others into playing the game so the alliance can get better rewards.

Hade also touched on the timing of events, suggesting that developers study how their events are affecting retention and planning their live event launches accordingly to keep players coming back.

You can see all our videos from Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2016 in this YouTube playlist.


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Ioannis Koumoutzelis Executive Producer
Great share. Pretty much standard stuff, but not many people are using events this way. The challenge is consuming these premium items, because they pile up and after long time people have tons of things that are useless, not to mention in the case of successful games (of millions of players) user blobs start requiring large storage. So consider this in your design when creating such events.
Simon Hade Founder & COO at Space Ape Games
Thanks Ioannis. Yeah we all got beaten up badly by blobs back in the Facebook gaming days! Breakthrough for us came between Siege and Rival Kingdoms when we found an event cadence that supported mostly temporary and consumable content that we could stream in and out. Of course people always love permanent trophies so we have some content bloat but it's manageable.