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Wildlife Studios is entering the blockchain, NFT, and Web3 space

Starting with flagship title Castle Crush
Wildlife Studios is entering the blockchain, NFT, and Web3 space

Wildlife Studios has revealed that it will be expanding into Web3 gaming by launching on the Avalanche public blockchain (AVAX).

The studio will begin by bringing its flagship title, Castle Crush, to the Avalanche blockchain and will implement new features, such as upgrades to the user experience and game functionality.

All cards in the game will now have Ascended Tier versions that are available as NFTs that players can use, trade, loan, and sell. Furthermore, players can earn Ascension Crystals ($ACS) that can be used to mint or upgrade their NFTs.

"Excite, intrigue, and engage"

"We are thrilled to be building new games with Avalanche, unlocking features and functionalities that make Web3 gaming a big win for users, rather than a clunky addition to their experience," said Wildlife Studios senior director of product Fernando Sette.


"The high performance and deeply customizable nature of Avalanche has removed the obstacles to making Web3 games that excite, intrigue, and engage our players."

Wildlife's most recent expansion into blockchain and NFTs follows its announcement last month about the launch of its latest affiliate studio, Playabit, which is led by Toy Blast and Toon Blast creators Tugrul Atak, Ayhan Sahin, and Ant Sengelli.