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Eight fireside chat interviews with the industry’s best and brightest at PGC London 2023

Hear from the creators, leaders, movers and shakers from across the mobile games world about the tools, trends and tech at Pocket Gamer Connects, with the team from HyprMX
Eight fireside chat interviews with the industry’s best and brightest at PGC London 2023

Pocket Gamer Connects London 2023 was the biggest mobile gaming gathering at The Brewery we’ve ever experienced. This made for the perfect environment for HyprMX, a brand-only ad network, to catch up with some of the industry’s movers, shakers, and leaders during their Fireside Chat series.

From studios to publishers and consultants to CEOs, HyprMX had a blast hosting 16 one-on-one interviews over two days in London. As always, it was a pleasure to partner with the teams at HyprMX, Steel Media, and to bring together this outstanding collection of professionals and their insights.

The featured guests shared their expertise touching on a wide range of topics including:

  • Navigating the challenging economic climate
  • Ad monetisation must-trys and new ad formats
  • Trends and tips for today’s UA landscape
  • Unlocking new revenue streams
  • Trends and predictions for 2023
  • And lots, lots more!

Grab a coffee, snack, or beer and click through below to enjoy the following interviews with SquareTwo, Fingersoft, Spring Games, Product Madness, Juicy Publishing, Kwalee, Gamebiz Consulting and My.Games.

We'll be back next week with even more great people, great talks and great insight.

#1: SquareTwo


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SquareTwo »

Dave Yoo

Dave Yoo, Founder & CEO at SquareTwo, breaks down the business' evolution, offering real-world rewards from partners like Amazon and Walmart, and his view on blockchain technology and the real value proposition.


#2: Fingersoft


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Fingersoft »

Otto Simola

Otto, newly-appointed Head of Game Economy at Fingersoft, sits down with Eric from HyprMX to delve into Hill Climb Racing's success, Hill Climb Racing 2's in-game economy, and the exciting new LEGO Hill Climb Adventures partnership and mobile release.


#3: Spring Games

Spring Games

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Spring Games »

Avihay Hermon

Avihay, VP of Business Development at Spring Games, provides us with a great example of why sometimes scrapping a game can lead to an even better result, plus chats with Eric about UGC and it's inherent connection to Web3 and how his background in finance led him to mobile gaming.


#4: Product Madness

Product Madness

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Product Madness »

Piyush Mishra

This fireside chat with Piyush Mishra from Product Madness is packed with great insights on SKAN, how to grow social casino titles, key strategies for 2023, and of course his co-hosted podcast, "In the Sandbox With..."


#5: Juicy Publishing

Juicy Publishing

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Juicy Publishing »

Manon Burgel

What sets Juicy Publishing apart from other publishers? What are tips for managing successful relationships with developers/studios? Will Juicy brand out into genres other than hypercasual? These questions (and more) answered as Manon Burgel sits down with Dylan Umali for this HyprMX fireside chat.


#6: Kwalee


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Kwalee »

Harry Kang

Harry Kang, Kwalee's VP of Marketing, joins HyprMX's Dylan Umali for a chat about hypercasual games and best monetization practices, Kwalee's strengths in mobile/PC/console, and what we can expect in 2023.


#7: GameBiz Consulting

GameBiz Consulting

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GameBiz Consulting »

Bozo Jankovic

Bozo joins HyprMX's Dylan for a fireside chat covering Gamebiz services, working with internal ad monetization teams, the benefits of various ad formats, and what he's anticipating from 2023 in terms of trends and expectations.


#8: My.Games


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My.Games »

Anderson King

HyprMX's Dylan Umali chats with Anderson King from MY.GAMES about multi-platform publishing, mergers & acquisitions, key game genres for the upcoming year, and what we can expect from MY.GAMES in 2023.