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Seven more fireside chats with the mobile world's movers & shakers from PGC London 2023

Another seven pioneers, founders, creators and leaders from the world of mobile games speak to the HyprMX team about the tools, tech and trends from Pocket Gamer Connects London 2023
Seven more fireside chats with the mobile world's movers & shakers from PGC London 2023
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Pocket Gamer Connects London 2023 was the largest event yet, pulling in people from around the mobile games world. This created the perfect environment for HyprMX - the brand-only ad network to arrange informal 'fireside chats' with some of the creators, founders, leaders, movers and shakers from across the industry.

From studios to publishers and consultants to CEOs, HyprMX had a blast hosting 15 amazing one-on-one interviews over the two days in London. You can find the first eight conversations here. Now we're bringing you the next seven speakers.

The guests share their expertise covering a wide range of topics including:

  • Navigating the challenging economic climate
  • Ad monetisation must-tries and new ad formats
  • Trends and tips for today’s user acquisition (UA) landscape
  • Unlocking new revenue streams
  • Trends and predictions for 2023
  • And much, much more!

Grab a coffee, snack, or beer and click through below to enjoy the following interviews with TapNation, GAMEPACK, Zimad,, Carry1st, two & a half gamers and Socialpoint.

#1: TapNation


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TapNation »

Vincent Fevrier

Dylan Umali from HyprMX chats with Vincent Fevrier about his recent CMO promotion, challenges and triumphs from 2022, the state of hypercasual games, and more.




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Ruslan Zelensky

Founder of GAMEPACK, Ruslan Zelensky, opens up about the challenging environment in Ukraine, how his experience at Playrix and other studios influenced him, and the 2022/2023 trends their team have uncovered working with their clients.


#3: ZiMAD


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Yana Vesnina

Zimad's Yana Vesnina sits down with HyprMX to discuss app trends, diversifying publisher portfolios, and why developers should be more open to selling their games.



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Nick Murray chats with HyprMX's Eric Blevens about his experience with Rovio, clients and success stories from 2022, learnings as a free-to-play (F2P) consultant, new ad emerging ad formats, and how picking the best business model for your audience.


#5: Carry1st


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Carry1st »

Farhan Haq

Farhan, Head of user acquisition (UA) and Ad Mon at Carry1st, chats with Eric about the African mobile market, challenges and opportunities ahead for the market, and the differentiation and expertise that Carry1st offers its partners.


#6: Two & A Half Gamers

Two & A Half Gamers

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Two & A Half Gamers »

Feliix Braberg

Feliix Braberg, co-founder of "two and a half gamers" and ad monetisation consultant, joins HyprMX's Eric Blevens for a no bulls#!t chat about specific tips and tactics to grow ad revenue, ways to squeeze our more revenue, his take on new ad formats and industry trends, and how he and his podcast co-hosts stay out of trouble.


#7: Social Point

Social Point

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Social Point »

Marilyne Chasseur

Socialpoint's Marilyne Chasseur tells us about her transition from startup to big-name studio, what being a "product marketer" means, making ad creatives more "real" using mini-games, and lots more!