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Angry Birds is the most blacklisted app on corporate devices worldwide

Should probably be more concerned about Angry Birds 2
Angry Birds is the most blacklisted app on corporate devices worldwide
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Angry Birds has been blacklisted by more companies globally than any other app on mobile, according to mobile device management firm MobileIron.

As reported by Fortune, the game tops the global charts for the top ten blacklisted apps on company devices. It also tops the local charts in Australia, Spain, and the US.

MobileIron collected its data using surveys from 7,800 countries from around the world. It covers Android, iOS, and Windows devices used between October 1st 2016 to December 31st 2016.

Carry on up the charts

Angry Birds is the only game to appear consistently in a number of country's blacklist charts. Pokemon GO was the fifth-most banned game in Spain, while Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans appeared at 7th and 9th respectively on France's chart.

What isn't explained is why these apps have been blacklisted. The natural assumption would be that they are potential distractions during the work day, though it is said that games are sometimes known to leak user information.

The other thing worthy of note is that Angry Birds is now something of a relic in the gaming world. It has had numerous spin-offs and a direct sequel, the latter of which surpassed 130 million downloads in November 2016.