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Angry Birds plush toys sales to double to $400 million in 2012

Commonwealth Toys & Novelty celebrates
Angry Birds plush toys sales to double to $400 million in 2012
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With a claim that Rovio has single handedly rejuvenated the plush toy industry, Commonwealth Toys & Novelty has claimed it will sell $400 million worth of Angry Birds merchandise in 2012.

That's double what was sold last year and, according to calculations by ArcticStartUp, could help total Rovio revenues for the year top €150 million equal to around $186 million.

A common wealth

"Plush was basically a dead category for the last few years," said EVP of Commonwealth Toys & Novelty Lisa Shamus.

"We needed a home run," added Shamus, claiming though it was hard work convincing the firm's retail clients that Angry Birds had been a success, it was rhe "non-obvious" license the industry needed.

Merchandise made up around 30 percent of Rovio's revenue in 2011 equal to €22.6 million (around $28.1 million) though that's a figure that could double throughout the course of the current financial year.

Combined with the added income sourced from both Angry Birds Space and Amazing Alex, the site estimates Rovio could end the year on €150 million in revenue, equal to $186 million.

[source: Wall Street Journal]