Amazon launches new reward scheme Amazon Moments

Tailor-made discounts

Amazon launches new reward scheme Amazon Moments

Amazon has launched a new rewards service called Amazon Moments that will offer unique discounts on products or services that matter most to them.

The new programme has been created for developers to help motivate consumers by the use of personalised discounts. The idea is to do away with generic offers and instead give regular spenders a product tailor-made incentives.

Moments allows actions to be tracked in real time, as well as the ability to create targeted campaigns. Digital and physical products can then be offered to the doorsteps of customers. An example of this is that video streaming services can offer an action figure or pair of headphones to a user for watching five episodes of a new show.

The service works off a cost-per-action pricing model so developers only pay when users complete
actions that matter most to their business. Rewards can be given in over 100 countries and are available through the web, iOS, Android FireOS and more.

Sony, Disney and Bravo onboard

Moments has already started being used by Sony Crackle, The Washington Post, Disney Heroes, Tik Tok, Bravo and Sesame Street. The toolset is a flexible, cross-platform API with an intuitive dedicated console, according to Amazon.

“With Moments, Amazon is reinventing the way companies approach marketing by letting them
turn engagement campaigns into rewarding moments that drive long-term value,” said head of Amazon Moments Amir Kabbara.

“Moments removes complexity for developers by packaging reward programs into a simple, self-service console that lets marketers set up campaigns quickly without worrying about reward sourcing, management, or fulfillment.”

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