Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle does $2 billion in revenue

Fighter makes $1 billion in 19 months

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle does $2 billion in revenue

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle has grossed more than $2 billion in lifetime revenue, according to Sensor Tower.

Launched by Bandai Namco in 2015, the free-to-play title has brought in record revenue each consecutive year, with a peak of $620 million in 2018.

Player spending has so far reached $566 for 2019 and is looking likely to continue the trend.

Based on the popular anime series, the fighting game has passed $1 billion in April 2018, before reaching $1.6 billion in March earlier this year.

It’s taken less than half the time for Dokkan Battle to generate its second billion, only 19 months after the first.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle accumulated a record $109 million in gross revenue from February this year before pulling in $75 million more in July. These were the game’s best two months for revenue to date.

57 million installs

Of the total 57 million downloads, 10 million or 18 per cent of that number originated from Japan users.

Following this was the US at 16 per cent before Brazil claimed third at eight million or 15 per cent of the overall installs.

The average revenue per download for Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle was estimated at $35.

Bandai Namco recently revealed that the company helped develop Mario Kart Tour with Nintendo for mobile.

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