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The Candy Crush TV show airs from July 9th 2017

Teams of two will honestly be playing Candy Crush on television
The Candy Crush TV show airs from July 9th 2017
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CBS's live action game show based on King's Candy Crush series is set to begin airing on Sunday, July 9th at 9pm ET/10pm PT.

The show sees teams of two competing using "wits and physical agility" to beat each other at Candy Crush-themed games. They will be played on a giant interactive game board said to feature "next generation technology".

King Chief Creative Officer and Candy Crush Saga creator Sebastian Knutsson is an Executive Producer on the show. It will air directly after a new series of Big Brother.

Passionate fanbase

Plans for the show were announced back in October 2016. CBS and partner Lionsgate are hoping to tap into the game's "massive, passionate fanbase" with the program.

Candy Crush Saga continues to perform well for King and Activision Blizzard despite falling MAUs. The developer generated almost a quarter of all the revenue earned by Activision Blizzard in 2016.