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Youtubers and swag galore promised at Pocket Gamer's E3 2015 party

Chukong and Rovio Stars to sponsor event on 17 June
Youtubers and swag galore promised at Pocket Gamer's E3 2015 party

Are you heading to LA for E3? Looking for an awesome party to help yourself relax and unwind after a busy time on the conference floor? And do you like free stuff?

Well, you’d best be heading down to the Pocket Gamer party on 17 June as we’ll be doling all that out and more!

Youtubers galore

Sponsored by Chukong and Rovio Stars and taking place at Broadway between 8pm and 11pm, the Pocket Gamer party has a little bit for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re a developer looking to get coverage for your game, the Pocket Gamer team and three prominent Youtubers will be in attendance as they look out for cool stuff to cover.

They include:

But that’s not all. There’s going to be plenty of top quality free swag doled out on the night, meaning that you can nab yourself (or maybe one of your loved ones at home) some seriously sweet mobile gaming gear.

We'll be bringing the party to E3
We'll be bringing the party to E3

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, we have free booze and lots of it to give out. There, we said it.

Sign up

Getting involved is as easy as falling off a log as long as you have some sort of web browser to hand.

All you have to do is head to the event page, grab yourself a free ticket and turn up with a business card to prove who you are. You can also put yourself down for a meeting with one of our captive Youtubers on the sign up form, so make sure you tick there.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to the party now and get ready to chill out in style when E3 finally rolls into LA.