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Google Play home to numerous inappropriate games aimed at kids

36 games submitted to Google for violent or inappropriate content
Google Play home to numerous inappropriate games aimed at kids
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The Google Play store is riddled with inappropriate games aimed at young kids, a new investigation claims.

As reported by Wired, the marketplace features numerous violent and unsuitable games that all can be downloaded even with parental controls turned on.

An example of this is Mad Max Zombies, which features shooting mechanics and allows users to take down walking corpses through the use of realistic firearms before seeing enemies bodies explode with blood and gore.

The game was rated by its creator at PEGI 3, which means it’s considered suitable for all age groups while no sounds or pictures that are likely to frighten young children are included, with only childlike depictions of violence present.

16 games altered or removed

Wired submitted 36 games thought inappropriate for young users to Google for review, followed by a further 16 that contained other forms of dubious content. So far, from the 52 apps submitted, 16 titles have either had their rating altered or been removed from store completely, while the remaining games have been untouched.

The issue has been apparent for quite some time on the Google Play store. In 2017, a US child advocacy group contacted the FTC urging the group to investigate Google for the issue.