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InMobi acquires consent management platform Quantcast Choice

The acquisition comes amid a growing push for stricter privacy regulations worldwide
InMobi acquires consent management platform Quantcast Choice
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Leading advertising technology and digital marketing firm InMobi has announced the acquisition of digital privacy platform Quantcast Choice for an undisclosed sum.

Quantcast Choice is a consent management platform (CMP) which assists app and mobile game publishers to comply with global privacy regulations. The acquisition will allow InMobi to enhance its privacy management platform for publishers across platforms, allowing them to more easily comply with changing global regulations.

“InMobi has always been at the forefront of building solutions that assist brands and publishers in navigating the complex global privacy landscape,” said InMobi Advertising chief business officer Kunal Nagpal. “This acquisition allows us to bring the power of a proven world-class CMP into the in-app ecosystem, where the challenges remain enormous and unresolved. Quantcast Choice is a gold standard for thousands of web publishers, and we are excited to extend its benefits to the 40,000 mobile apps that currently work with InMobi.”

The importance of privacy

“Quantcast Choice was born out of our commitment to protecting consumer privacy, and we are proud to have helped numerous businesses meet the demands of an evolving regulatory landscape,” said Quantcast CTO Peter Day. “InMobi understands the needs of publishers, and we are delighted that this market-leading CMP will continue to be available as a free solution. We remain committed to our customers and have established a close partnership with InMobi to ensure a seamless transition.”

The transition of Quantcast Choice’s customers to InMobi’s platform is due to begin in the coming months, with new publishing offerings set for early Autumn 2023. The acquisition also sees InMobi bolster its existing workforce of 1,400 with the addition of existing Quantcast Choice employees.

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