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Madfinger Games has accumulated over 250 million downloads

Czech Republic studio formed in 2010 and is best known for its Shadowgun series
Madfinger Games has accumulated over 250 million downloads

Brno-based studio Madfinger Games has accumulated 250 million games across its entire library of mobile titles.

The download number was revealed by Madfinger games lead programmer Vladimir Zadrazil during his session at Unite Copenhagen 2019. The talk was focused on Shadowgun War Games and how the studio is ‘leading next-gen multiplayer mobile FPS games.

Since Madfinger was formed in 2010, eight mobile titles have been launched such as its Unkilled, Monzo, Samurai Series and Shadowgun series and Dead Trigger series.

The Czech firm confirmed that the studio reached 200 million downloads in August 2018, with this new figure showing the company’s huge growth in just over a year.

“Most Beautiful Game”

Shadowgun War Games is due to launch sometime in the winter for mobile devices, with the developer confirming it will release before the end of Q1 2020.

The previous entry in the series - Shadowgun Legends - went on to win Google Play’s “Most Beautiful Game 2019”.

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