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PG Connects Advent Day 18: Come meet the media

Whether it's real-time feedback from our Journalist Bar or catching up with the leading publications in attendance
PG Connects Advent Day 18: Come meet the media

We're running a 'PGC London 2018 Advent Calendar' throughout December. Every day, an informative conference-related update full of what's-in-it-for-you kapow.

We've talked about PG Connects London 2018's 120 speakers and 12-track content and networking opportunities a fair bit, so let's focus on something else instead.

The Pocket Gamer Journalist Bar is a good shout. For the two days of PGC London 2018 (that's January 22nd to 23rd) we'll have members of our mighty, experienced PG editorial team velcroed to a spot where mobile game developers can show off their latest creation and get honest, real-time feedback on their efforts.

We ran this at the recent PGC Helsinki to great success and the only aspect to consider is the need to book an appointment (otherwise imagine the ensuing logistical nightmare). We'll have this set up in the New Year, which we'll communicate to all registered PGC delegates, and interested parties can then suggest a time that works for them.

Old skool style

If that's a little too rigid for you (or you're velcrophobic), there are of course other ways to meet the media at our conference.

For London we typically get 80+ journalists, from the obvious mobile-focused-and-beyond specialist sites (including our very own 148Apps, AppSpy, and co) and publications to big name mainstream counterparts such as The Guardian, The Economist, Telegraph, Sky News and many more.

Grabbing a coffee with any of them can be done through arranging a meeting ahead (or during) the conference via our dedicated matchmaking system, connecting organically via our numerous networking fringe events, or deliberately targeting areas where the media will gather in strength (such as our Very Big Indie Pitch competition or in the press room during downtime moments such as lunch – always a guaranteed option).

Not registered for PGC London yet? Not a problem, that's easily sorted. (Don't forget your 10% discount while you're at it – use the imaginative code PGBIZ10).