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NDP Media insists that Big Data is critical for mobile app promotion

The speed of your data will give you your profits
NDP Media insists that Big Data is critical for mobile app promotion

Big Data analytics is the rock upon which performance-based sales rests.

Every advertising company invests their resources in larger, faster and more detailed Big Data platforms, and the tools they use are to do this are a company's secret weapon.

Global data-driven mobile marketing platform NDP Media is taking advantage of the driving power of Big Data to strengthen global prominence in mobile advertising. It is now ready to announce its advancement in real-time Big Data analytics.

"We've always believed that only real-time data can unlock the upper limits of data's true value for businesses' comments head of the Big Data platform at NDP Media, Zou Yuanbin.

"Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology and programmatic buying mean that the entire media buy process can be completed within tens of milliseconds. It's only when your data channels can reach their fastest that you can then make the most effective marketing strategy decisions.

"The results taken from NDP Media's research into real-time Big Data analytics suggest that our data generates an effect on our programmatic buying strategies after only 6 seconds. That means data transmission and the ETL process and the complex analysis takes only 6 ticks. Not only that, but the technology is convenient and formidable enough to fully support elaborate and flexible strategies."

Usually the two – speed and a convenient analysis that can allow the user greater flexibility – don't work so well together. For example, Hadoop's open-source data warehouse Hive has very convenient data modeling and can support flexible strategic decisions easily, but its responses can often be sluggish, from several minutes to more than a dozen.

Another example of where speed and ease-of-use in analytics are at war is Storm (the real-time computation tool). They have a tool comparable to NDP Media's in speed but its data modeling can be a bit tricky and it often has to rely on additional and complex development and distribution systems – and users are not as familiar with such development styles as they are with SQL.

Unlike these two products, NDP Media's product has a rapid reaction time and its data modeling has proven user-friendly. 90% of the analysis processes can reach a result within 1 second (even when you process historical data going back one year). And they support an SQL-like grammar which is really convenient for most data analysts and also covers most data analysis strategies.

Let's look at another comparison with Google.

Google analytics generally updates once every 24 hours, so one day's advertising results can only be evaluated after 24 hours. At the same time, someone advertising on Google can't know straight away where their adverts are being placed or what key words have the most effective results.

Advertisers need to do lots of testing. An advertiser might spend say $1,000 on testing, and then on the next find out after analysis that $500 of that had no effect. 50% of the testing fees would have been wasted because the advertiser couldn't get a quick enough data response on their investment. So now our questions are who can help advertisers make more timely strategies by giving them quicker data responses and provide better analytical support for their tactics? And ultimately, who save them from wasting advertising funds?

Because of these problems, NDP Media has been making speed its priority and researching the application of Big Data for the mobile app promotion industry.

The company has now made a breakthrough in real-time data analytics which can help advertisers make huge savings on costs and increase their ROI.