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Netmarble’s mobile gamers have higher satisfaction than its PC cohort

Sustainability Report 2024 finds that a 24/7 inquiry service builds trust and boosts sales
Netmarble’s mobile gamers have higher satisfaction than its PC cohort
  • Netmarble's Sustainability Report 2024 covers strategies to address its environmental, social, and economic risks
  • From a 24/7 call line to reusable cups, the company has implemented a range of tactics to improve its social standing

South Korean games dev Netmarble has dedicated itself to developing "eco-friendly game technology", as revealed in its Netmarble Sustainability Report 2024.

This report covers the entirety of 2023 with considerations of water resource management, waste, energy consumption, environmental investments and more.

Addressing impacts

Through efforts to address the environmental, social, and economic risks of its activity, Netmarble has implemented various strategies small-scale and large, whether that’s the introduction of reusable cups in its in-house café or establishing new guidelines around environmental management.

With an average of 2,000 cups used daily by the company, simply switching to a reusable alternative has led to considerable reduction in waste and a 97% retrieval rate.

On the social side, Netmarble focused on employee wellbeing in 2023 and reduced average monthly overtime hours and holiday working hours. Its maternity support programme exceeds legal standards in South Korea and the company even has an in-house daycare centre.

For its efforts, Netmarble was selected by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family as an "excellent family-friendly company" for the sixth consecutive year in 2023. The company also hosted the 14th National e-Festival for Students with Disabilities, and earned the Korea Mecenat Convention Cultural Contribution Award for spreading cultural values in-game.

And touching on AI, the report notes Netmarble's commitment to innovation with the tech while maintaining and protecting "human dignity".

Strategic satisfaction

According to a survey conducted by Netmarble, customer satisfaction in 2023 was higher among its mobile gamers than PC players, at a 3.6 ranking versus 2.8. By Netmarble’s metrics, a perfect score would be 5.

Notably, the survey only considered domestic PC users but both domestic and international mobile gamers. Mobile players became more satisfied in 2023 while PC users were actually less so; in the 2022 results, the former group scored 3.5 while the latter scored 3.3.

Netmarble now offers consultations in 15 different languages to improve user accessibility and has a 24/7 line for one-on-one inquiries in five languages, servicing users in South Korea and overseas. The company was able to increase sales last year "by building trust with users".

"Our dream towards a better future continues as we seek ways to create a sustainable future through the spirit of challenge and innovation. These efforts will undoubtedly become the milestones for the past, present, and future of the Korean gaming industry," said Netmarble chair of the ESG Committee Lee Chan Hee.

"The board of directors and ESG Committee, including myself, will listen carefully to the feedback of stakeholders to do our best. It would be our great pleasure to receive your valuable support and advice as we move forward towards ‘ESG for all’."

The annual report marks the fourth year of such sustainability pledges from Netmarble, beginning in 2021 to demonstrate company values to stakeholders. However, despite its latest commitments and improving mobile user satisfaction, company revenue fell in Q1 2024 following a lack of new releases.