Adtech vertical consolidation accelerates as IronSource launches Supersonic Games

Will develop and publish hypercasual mobile games

Adtech vertical consolidation accelerates as IronSource launches Supersonic Games

Competition in the hypercasual sector is heating up with the news that IronSource is launching its own publishing and development studio Supersonic Games.

The goal of the new company is to leverage IronSource's considerable resources and expertise in app distribution and monetisation to operate a portfolio of successful hypercasual games.

Indeed, Supersonic has already had its first hit with the launch of Sort It 3D, and has a number of new titles ready to release over the coming weeks.

Putting the pieces together

"We know how challenging it is to create a successful game today, and our goal at Supersonic is to partner with developers for long-term success, creating a model where they can be fairly rewarded for their creation," said Supersonic Games' GM Nadav Ashkenazy.

"This new offering strengthens our connection to the game industry and is a natural evolution of our current mission to turn great games into successful businesses," added IronSource's CRO Omer Kaplan.

"Our vision is to be the platform which enables our partners to reach their full potential, and getting closer to the creation process of one of the fastest-growing segments in mobile time spent is a key part of that."

This move follows similar vertical integration between ad companies and mobile game developers, notably the success of AppLovin's Lion Studios.

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