Google to ask court to dismiss Epic Games' lawsuit

It wants the case to remain seperate from Apple's

Google to ask court to dismiss Epic Games' lawsuit

Google will ask the court to dismiss the Epic Games lawsuit in relation to Fortnite's removal from Google Play.

As detailed in a document, the tech giant has insisted that its own legal battle with Epic should be kept separate from the case Apple is currently embroiled in with the company. Google explained that even though iOS and Android are competitors, there are different policies in place for developers to adhere to.

Moreover, as explained by Google, Android devices are more open; there is more room for developers to manoeuvre given there are multiple storefronts as opposed to a single one on iOS, the App Store.

The reason for Google's fallout with Epic is the same as Apple's. The Fortnite creator made a new payment option for its battle royale, which prevented both tech companies from taking its 30 per cent commission. As a result, the game was booted from both the App Store and Google Play.

Sit and watch

Currently, all eyes are on Epic and Apple. Much has happened since the two giant companies went to war last month. Google is likely to be watching the events unfold, and it could determine how the tech giant chooses to approach its own battle with Epic when the time comes.

Most recently, Epic Games asked the court to force Apple to reinstate Fortnite after court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers declared the games firm's predicament to be of its "own making." Although, she did grant it temporary protection for the Unreal Engine. However, Apple did make good on its promise to remove Epic's developer account.

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