PGC Digital: Preparing for Apple's ATT changes

Hot topic was discussed at length during Monetiser track

PGC Digital: Preparing for Apple's ATT changes

Scaling up hypercasual games is just one thing that will be impacted once Apple's anti-tracking feature ATT comes into effect.

The hotly debated topic was the main focal point during Monetiser track on 'Navigating Uncertainty: Apple Privacy Changes and the Impact on Ad Monetisation' at PGC Digital #5.

Those appearing on the panel included: HyprMX business development manager Dylan Umali, Gamejam co-founder and CEO Christian Calderon, BoomBit head of marketing Goncalo Martins and Unico Studio UA manager Uzeyir Baser.

"There is a good side and a bad side to this," explained Calderon.

"Obviously, nobody is happy about it but there is a silver lining where maybe our products could improve, we could have better retention, focus more on IAP subscription revenue, and turn out better products."

"It could improve studios but it could also crumble them," added Umali.

iOS 14

It's positive that Apple is enforcing this privacy, giving users and consumers a bit more trust," said Martins.

"However, at the end of the day, this small increase of trust will definitely not compensate what's going to happen on live companies… personally myself, I'd prefer to be targeted and see ads that make some kind of sense to me, then ending up seeing random ads…"

Last year, Apple announced its new app tracking transparency (ATT) privacy protection measures that will bring up a notification whenever a new download is made on an iOS device.

From there, the user can then decide whether they want their data tracked across third-party apps and website. Apple confirmed the new feature will arrive in an iOS 14 update sometime in early Spring, after previously being delayed from 2020.

The new ATT ruling is not the only change Apple has been implementing as of late. More recently, the iPhone maker confirmed that it had removed 48,000 games from the Chinese App Store over the past 12 months.

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