BidShake optimises ad creative management

Creative Manager promises seamless cross-channel creative management and reporting

BidShake optimises ad creative management

Israeli-headquartered marketing automation SaaS company Bidshake has recently launched a new tool - the Creative Manager, within its user acquisition (UA) platform.This new tool - the first of its kind - is designed to help mobile game and app developers optimise the management of creative campaign assets across multiple advertising networks.

In a dynamic and rapidly evolving global market, the challenges of acquiring users are getting more complex - especially for those with a large number of games and apps on the market. UA teams must manage multiple campaigns running over multiple paid channels, each one having to be tracked, monitored and analysed to ensure that they are performing optimally.

UA teams also have to pick up on changes in performance and react accordingly in order to maintain and increase successful campaigns, while changing the criteria or spend on those performing poorly - all in real-time.

BidShake specialises in helping clients to improve the success of their UA campaigns. Its existing platform enables companies to control all aspects of their user acquisition campaigns across multiple paid channels, all from a single integrated dashboard.

Creative Manager

The new Creative Manager capabilities add to this unified approach by streamlining the process of uploading new assets to multiple ad networks, building ad units, assigning assets to campaigns, collecting performance data and analysing the overall effectiveness of each creative.

The company claims that Creative Manager will enable developers and publishers to focus their user acquisition more effectively, through integration with 15 plus ad networks in a single environment. The simplified process should enable increased capacity, allowing increased A/B testing, identifying and replicating best performance more easily.

The single overview will allow teams to detect performance trends across multiple networks and act appropriately more quickly.

Bidshake’s Creative Manager enables companies to:

  • Upload and store all assets within the BidShake platform
  • Easily sort through and filter videos, banners, end cards and playable ads
  • Build ad units to match every channel’s specifications
  • Assign ads to selected campaigns within each channel
  • Monitor ad performance accurately across channels in real-time
  • Analyse the data on creative effectiveness over time and draw meaningful conclusions that can be acted upon with immediate effect
BidShake’s creative tool has allowed us to save time
Josh Vinten

Company History

BidShake is the creator of a cross-channel marketing automation platform for mobile games and apps. Since its official launch in January 2020, the company has been on a mission to become the one-stop automatic platform for all user acquisition and monetisation needs. Based in Tel-Aviv, the company has tripled its headcount since launching and works with some of the leading game and app companies including Kwalee, Crazy Labs, Luni and Loop Games.

BidShake recently announced a new partnership with one of the world’s biggest hypercasual publishers, Voodoo. It will continue to operate as an independent entity within the Voodoo ecosystem.

The company developed the brand new Creative Manager following requests from, and in conjunction with several key clients, who provided research and development (R&D) input, and acted as alpha/beta testers for the new update.

Neon Play monetisation and UA manager Josh Vinten stated that:

"Using BidShake’s creative tool has allowed us to save time when testing and refreshing creatives into our campaigns, as we only have to upload creatives to one place and use them on each of our networks quickly!"

You can find out more about Bidshake and the company’s technology, or see how various clients have utilised the platform on the Bidshake website. regularly posts content from a variety of guest writers across the games industry. These encompass a wide range of topics and people from different backgrounds and diversities, sharing their opinion on the hottest trending topics, undiscovered gems and what the future of the business holds.