DeepMind's AI now being tested on Android version of The Battle of Polytopia

Part of the AndroidEnv release

DeepMind's AI now being tested on Android version of The Battle of Polytopia

Following the launch of cutting-edge AI company DeepMind's AndroidEnv technology in May, its
open source reinforcement learning smarts are being tested against more mobile games.

The latest title to experience the challenge is the Android version of Swedish developer Midjiwan's much loved 4x strategy game The Battle of Polytopia.

Midjiwan and DeepMind have worked together to integrate The Battle of Polytopia as a task within AndroidEnv.

DeepMind commented "We find this game a particularly interesting challenge due to many of its features, such as the need to handle long term planning, imperfect information, diverse UI elements, and non-determinism."

"“We are of course very happy about this. DeepMind is a giant within AI with a fantastic platform that we are very proud and excited to be a part of," said Midjiwan's GM Christian Lövstedt.

“We have noticed that Polytopia is particularly popular among so- called brainiacs, but this will be the start of something completely new when we are taking on artificial intelligence.”

DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis, who in a previous life was a game designer, was also happy to chime in.

AndroidEnv is an AI platform that allows agents to solve custom tasks built on top of the Android OS.

Goals could include finding directions to the park, booking a flight or maximizing the score in a game.

The AI agent makes decisions based on images displayed on the screen, and navigates the interface through touchscreen actions and gestures just like humans.

You can find out more about AndroidEnv via its website.

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