Connect with developers, publishers and investors at the new PG Investor and Publisher Connector

Welcome to a brand new free event where game developers meet prospective publishers and investors

Connect with developers, publishers and investors at the new PG Investor and Publisher Connector

Attention everyone - we’re proud to introduce to you a brand new event designed to help developers meet with prospective publishers and investors. Welcome to the first PG Investor and Publisher Connector that’s focused on the development talent in the Swedish games industry, thanks to our special partners Game ON Mid Sweden and Bron Innovation.

This doesn't mean the event is for Swedes only, it is entirely open to publishers and investors from around the world, as well as developers from all across the Nordic region, but the core focus will be on celebrating and supporting the incredible Swedish game development talent.

Sign up before Monday, October 25th and get ready to connect with developers, publishers and investors all around the Nordic region and beyond.

How does it work?

The core format of the event will follow along the lines of the popular and successful Pocket Gamer Investor Connector events. This means that applicants will be asked to sign up and then fill in some more core details on what they are doing and looking for.

Our team will then collate this into a series of focused curated video-conference meetings (of c.20 minutes each) to take place during a three-hour period from 2.00pm to 5.00pm (UK) (3.00pm to 6.00pm Sweden) on Monday, November 1st with the help of the Steel Media team.

You'll then be completely free to follow up with longer discussions, you'll get your deals done, go on to have huge success, and change not only your own lives but the whole world.

Who is the event for?

The event is designed for three specific groups, if you fit into one of these and want to get involved - please sign up for the relevant ticket and we'll get back to you with the next steps.

  • Game developers - You're making a game (on any platform) and looking for funding, publishing partners, or both.
  • Publishers - You're actively looking for new games and development teams to work with, be they indies, start-ups, or more established creators.
  • Investors - You are actively looking for new investment opportunities in the games business, be they developers, games, or indeed publishers. You could be an angel investor, a fund, or a VC.

Confirmed investors and publishers taking part

  • Ludus
  • LVP
  • Project A Ventures
  • Nordic Game Ventures
  • Curve Digital
  • First Fund
  • 1Up Ventures
  • DeNA
  • Curve Digital
  • 1C Publishing EU
  • Plarium
  • Game Seer Venture Partners
  • Moon Active
  • Sisu Game Ventures
  • Makers Fund

Sign up now

Whether you’re a developer looking for funding, a publisher looking for great new games and talent, or an investor looking for an opportunity, sign up now and get ready to make new connections to take your business to the next level.

Special thanks to our partners: Game ON Mid Sweden

The Swedish games industry is currently booming, and around a billion people have played at least one game designed by a Swedish game developer. The revenue growth since 2009 has been substantial, with a 25-fold increase in total revenue between 2009 to 2019.

According to the Swedish Game Developer Index, it went from a value of €91 million to €2.3 billion during that time. And as more and more games are developed each day, there is little doubt that the industry will continue to grow.

Game ON Mid Sweden is a game cluster that aims to develop and strengthen the game industry in Västernorrland. It has a focus on growth, internationalisation and competence, as well as through collaboration with other industries, to contribute to renewal and development of business and the public sector in Västernorrland.

Game on Mid Sweden is funded by European Regional Development Fund and Region Västernorrland together with the cities of Sundsvall and Kramfors and game development companies in Västernorrland.

For more information, visit the official website.

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