Heroic Labs releases LiveOps service Satori

Alim Jaffer, the Vice President of Product at Heroic Labs tells about the company’s new LiveOps service, Satori.

Heroic Labs releases LiveOps service Satori

Heroic Labs, makers of the popular open-source game server Nakama, has announced its latest project Satori.

Satori is a productised LiveOps solution dedicated to helping game studios of all sizes gain valuable insights into their player base and identify actionable opportunities for growing their audience and revenue.

As Satori is a product rather than a service, it can be deployed within your infrastructure for direct access with your own internal machine learning tools, data lakes, and more. Regardless of deployment practice, you always own your data and we do not access or share your data with any third party services.

With Nakama, our aim has been to give developers the tools to easily add rich, engaging social features to their gameplay and deliver an entertaining player experience. Studios such as Paradox Interactive, Lightheart Entertainment, Gram Games, and many more trust Nakama to power their games at scale for millions of players which generate tens of millions in annual revenue.

By working with industry-leading game studios, we’ve been able to collaborate in our design of Satori ensuring that the end result is purpose-built for the next generation of LiveOps requirements.

The Satori suite of features will help studios navigate a games industry that is evolving in the wake of IDFA deprecation and the ever-growing shift towards live services, games-as-a-service, and free-to-play gaming models.

In the five years since Nakama was released, it has helped to standardise backend game development. The release of Satori now brings LiveOps tools – once available only to AAA studios – to the developer community at large.

Satori is focused on what comes next after building your game: capturing data about how users interact with your game, analysing that data for meaningful insights and optimisations, and finally testing these various opportunities to see the impact on audience engagement and revenue.

With Satori you can capture customised events in your games, identify users across your portfolio of titles, and segment those identities into audiences to run experiments, override feature flags, and schedule live events.

Whether that’s running a live event specifically for your VIP players, or identifying a specific audience within your game to deliver early access to new features, you can then quickly roll out these features and events to your wider audience if they hit the metrics that mark success for your studio.

With Satori you can run regular scheduled events within your game, introduce tournaments/leagues with concepts such as promotion and relegation found in European football, craft engaging battle passes, provide DLC drops, and much more to massively boost engagement in your games. Satori provides the right tools to your studio teams to turn your games into living franchises with deep social and competitive gameplay loops.

Want to learn about Events, Audiences, Identities and more? Please check out our blog post that goes into more detail about each feature and best practices around them.

Satori is currently available as early access with our partner studios - if your team is interested in being added to the list, please reach out to us at and we’d be happy to chat!

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