No more lootboxes. Supercell unveils a new monetisation strategy for Brawl Stars

The company is straying away from lootboxes in favour of deterministic rewards

No more lootboxes. Supercell unveils a new monetisation strategy for Brawl Stars

In the latest edition of Brawl Talk, Supercell announced that the company is adopting a new monetisation strategy in Brawl Stars, straying away from loot boxes.

“With the coming update we will remove boxes, yes, all boxes from the game. No more probabilities, no more random rewards, and no more playing the guessing game when you unlock brawlers,” said Brawl Stars Game Lead Frank Keienburg.

In the coming update, all unlocked but unclaimed rewards, including in-game currency and characters, will be claimed automatically.

Moving forward, lootboxes will be replaced with deterministic rewards, straying away from a reward strategy which has proven increasingly controversial in recent years.

“We’re making this change for a few reasons, mainly moving away from probabilities and chances, which will make things more fair and predictable for you” said a spokesperson for the company in the video. “It also gives you clear and exciting goals every time you play the game.”

“Instead of unlocking brawlers from boxes, we’ve introduced a new reward track called the Starr Road,” added Keienburg. “You progress on the Starr Road by collecting a new currency called Credits. You can earn Credits from Brawl Pass, the Trophy Road, and occasionally from challenges and quests.”

What else is coming to Brawl Stars?

In addition to replacing the loot boxes, Supercell announced various new features and events and features which will be run to coincide with the game’s anniversary. This includes three new brawlers: Chester, Mandy, and Gray.

Additionally, three new cosmetic sets were announced during the video: The CandyLand season, which coincides with the event, as well as Lunar Brawl 2023 and Dark Brawlidays, both of which will be added to the regular shop rotation.

Last month, we spoke to Frank Keienburg about Supercell’s culture. Earlier this year, we listed Supercell as one of the top 50 mobile game makers of 2022.

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