Outfit7 invests in educational startup Hopalai

Hopalai is the mind behind Kobi, an ereader app designed to make reading accessible for all children

Outfit7 invests in educational startup Hopalai

Outfit7, creators of the hit Talking Tom franchise, has announced a new investment in educational startup Hopalai, the mind behind ereader app Kobi.

Kobi is designed to make reading accessible and enjoyable for all children and is specifically targeted at children with reading difficulties. The new investment represents Outfit7’s ongoing mission to “expand and grow by identifying and supporting innovative business ventures with the potential for significant positive impact.”

"We are always on the lookout for fresh and creative initiatives that require additional investment to scale their business," said Outfit7 senior vice president of sales, growth, and investments Igor Lautar. "Education is an area of great importance to us, and Hopalai's passion and commitment to helping children overcome reading difficulties made them a perfect fit for our investment. We firmly believe that the product they make will bring meaningful change in this segment."

Jumping into a good story

Kobi utilises a number of features designed to make reading more accessible for children, especially those with reading difficulties such as dyslexia and ADHD. These features include an algorithm that converts black and white text into colours, the ability to scan books, and even the “Story Shaker” feature which lets users create their own stories. The app also includes motivational tools such as a word counter.

"Our mission is to make learning to read easier, especially for children who struggle with dyslexia or ADHD,” said Hopalai founder Ursula Lavrenčič. “We are working on innovative methods to create an exceptional learning app, using artificial intelligence and GPT technology. The support of Outfit7 is a big step forward for us to reach even more users."

Outfit7 is one of the most successful developers in the mobile gaming industry, with the Talking Tom franchise being identified as the number one mobile IP over the last ten years, with a peak of seven titles in the top 100 games by worldwide monthly active users in 2021.

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