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Nexon appoints two new directors to its board

The announcement is in addition to the reappointment of three directors
Nexon appoints two new directors to its board

Japanese game company Nexon has appointed two new directors of the board, Junghun Lee and Mitchell Lasky. And in addition to the two new appointments the company is reappointing three previous directors to the board.

Directors Owen Mahoney, Shiro Uemura and Patrick Soderlund were all reappointed alongside the induction of Lee and Lasky. Three directors of the audit and supervisory committee will also complete a second year of their terms, those being Alexander Ioselivich, Satoshi Honda and Shiro Kunia.

Both well-tenured in the tech and video game sectors. Junghun Lee previously worked in a variety of executive roles throughout Nexon after joining directly from university, including in their live ops teams. He currently serves as the CEO of Nexon Korea Corporation and is praised for creating a strong development culture in his roles with the company.

Lasky meanwhile also serves on the boards for companies such as Discord, Thatgamecompany and Manticore Games. He has also served in a number of executive roles across the game industry, including head of worldwide studios at Activision and executive vice-president of mobile and online gaming at Electronic Arts.

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Nexon, publishers of MapleStory, Dungeon&Fighter and a major creator of virtual worlds decision to revamp and reappoint members of the board is unsurprising as Nexon recently saw extremely strong financials in terms of revenue for Q4. These results will be encouraging Nexon to continue to strengthen its leadership as the mobile and game market more broadly continues to navigate a rocky period.

The company also announced they’d be bringing their MMO franchise MapleStory to the Chinese market, with MapleStory: The Legend of Maple, a release that could be a major success in the lucrative Chinese market. With experienced appointees and big moves on the horizon Nexon will be hoping for even better results come their next financials.