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One Special Day charity event supports gamers with disabilities

The fundraising event will see multiple games industry companies raising money for the the cause with their video game titles.
One Special Day charity event supports gamers with disabilities
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Today, numerous companies across the gaming industry such as Rovio, Supercell, King, Hutch and various others will be participating in the One Special Day charity fundraiser event that sets out to support gamers with disabilities.

At the very core of the campaign is the opportunity for gamers to raise money for the charity by purchasing and playing included titles from partnering companies. Each company will then donate some, or all, of the resulting revenue to the charity.

Money raised by the contributions of over 90 partners will ensure that thousands of disabled people will be able to receive the charity's assistance. The annual campaign has raised over $2M for the charity since its launch in 2016.

Many of the companies taking part in the charity event are also hosting their own fundraising initiatives. Various participants are conducting quizzes, auctions, streams, cycle rides, runs, swims and more to show their support.

Coming together for a good cause

Dr. Mick Donegan, founder and CEO of SpecialEffect, expressed gratitude for the support the event is receiving saying “We’ve been overwhelmed by the level of support from the games industry for One Special Day. It’s an absolutely vital fundraising event for the charity, particularly with the ever-increasing demand for our services. The backing we receive from the industry and their communities is the cornerstone of our fundraising, and without it, we simply couldn’t bring a better quality of life to so many people across the world”. Donegan added that “As well as funding our one-to-one work with people with physical disabilities, it also enables our research and partnership work with developers and manufacturers, ensuring we can continue our ever-increasing global impact on video games accessibility.”

One Special Day will be visible across a series of mobile apps, on Steam and social media channels. Companies that participate will be relaying the One Special Day message to players 'Buy, Play, Donate'.

Many of the participating studios made our current top 50 game makers list.