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Roblox Mobile smashes through $2.5 billion in lifetime revenue

Ahead of its direct listing on the NYSE
Roblox Mobile smashes through $2.5 billion in lifetime revenue
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According to data provided by Sensor Tower, the mobile version of Roblox has smashed through $2.5 million in lifetime revenue.

The impressive figure has been accumulated through both Google Play and the App Store. Last year, Roblox generated $1.2 billion across the respective storefronts.

However, as it accounts for 65 per cent of the games platform's mobile revenues, the US is the most lucrative market for Roblox.

By October 2020, the company had surpassed $2 billion on mobile through player spending.

Going public

The milestone has been hit at a crucial time for the company as it begins to trade publicly today via a direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

Rumours that Roblox was considering an IPO began to swirl in October 2020, with the company officially filing to go public the following month.

Come January 2021, the games platform changed its plans, as it decided to go public through a direct listing rather than an initial public offering.

Roblox has been listed with a staggering valuation of $29.5 billion, which is seven times more than the $4 billion it was worth in February 2020.