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Roblox surpasses $2 billion in player spending on mobile

Generated $500 million in five months
Roblox surpasses $2 billion in player spending on mobile

Games platform Roblox has hit $2 billion in player spending on mobile, according to Sensor Tower.

Revenue generated by the US-based company has soared this year, as Roblox mobile crossed $1.5 billion in player spending in May, taking seven months to rack up $500 million. The world-building platform has taken just five months to bring in an additional $500 million.

This year, Roblox's best month had proven to be May, when it made three times more than it did last year with $113 million.

In the past 12 months, Roblox has generated an impressive $1 billion. However, its success can be directly tied into the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, given many countries entered lockdown earlier this year. COVID-19 forced many people to turn to games as a form of entertainment.

Top of the world

In the simulation genre, Roblox is the clear leader as it earned $535 million between Q1 2020 and Q3 2020, a staggering $416 million ahead of Playrix's Township, which generated $119 million.

Overall, the title has proven to be most lucrative in the US as the country accounts for $1.3 billion of its lifetime revenue, or rather 65 per cent. Meanwhile, at No.2, the UK is responsible for eight per cent with $161 million, while Canada sits at No.3 with $81 million, four per cent of total earnings.

When it comes to storefronts, the App Store has generated the most revenue at $1.5 billion, 73 per cent While Google Play brought in 27 per cent of the total with $545 million.

Proving popular

As with revenue, Roblox has proven most popular in the US when it comes to downloads, with the country accounting for 129 million, 30 per cent of the 437 million the game has accumulated.

Brazil and Russia sit in second and third with 11 per cent and 5.5 per cent of installs, or rather 48 million and 24 million, respectively.

Unlike with player spending, Google Play reigns supreme for downloads, as Android users make up 75 per cent of the total with 328 million installs. Therefore, 109 million, or rather 25 per cent, come from the App Store.

Roblox will no doubt be overjoyed at hitting the $2 billion revenue mark, as the games platform is geared up to offer an IPO.