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Rodeo Stampede smashes 80 million downloads 13 months after launch

Still gets one million DAUs
Rodeo Stampede smashes 80 million downloads 13 months after launch
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Featherweight Games and Yodo1's Rodeo Stampede - Sky Zoo Safari has now surpassed 80 million downloads worldwide 13 months after first launching.

The game has also maintained one million DAUs even to this date. It received an anniversary update last month to reward its players with new hats and zoo decorations.

Featherweight will continue to support the game in the coming months with further updates and additions. This will include a level full of mythical creatures, a much-requested feature by the community.

Passionate global player base

"It is amazing to see how popular Rodeo Stampede has been with players across all age groups and cultures. The Featherweight & Yodo1 partnership has allowed each party to focus on what we each do best, with the Yodo1 team spending the bulk of their efforts on live ops, distribution and promotion," Featherweight co-founder and director Dylan Bevis told

"This has allowed the Featherweight team to continue to innovate on great gameplay and new content, while Dan Graf brings it all to life with his art. All together this has allowed us to grow a passionate global player base."

Rodeo Stampede has grown relatively quietly over the last 13 months. It has received some critical attention, including being considered one of Apple's top games of 2016.