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Sega veep says too many free games killed mobile market

An App Store connection?

The new veep of sales and marketing at Sega US, Alan Pritchard, has spoken to MCV about the company's new direction in terms of digital downloads, citing Apple and the iPhone as a driving force in restoring the flagging mobile market.

In the interview, Pritchard talked of digital distribution as being blighted by a 'herd mentality, with everyone rushing to every digital opportunity'.

Bites of the apple

Giving the example of the mobile market as a warning to current digital distribution trends, he went on to say that, "Mobile gaming used to be quite buoyant and successful at one point for publishers and developers.

"But suddenly there were too many products on the market place, too much stuff available for free, and it became a declining market."

Despite this however, Pritchard said the iPhone had reinvigorated the mobile market and that digital distribution as a whole was still "something [Sega] needs to be a part of… The strategy is to be at the forefront… not the back of the queue," he explained. 

What's significant to ponder though is how the trend on Apple's App Store is exactly mirroring what Pritchard says killed the mobile market - too much stuff available for free.

Not to mention Sega's not always stellar deployment of its own digital content.

[source: MCV]