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NetEase's mobile RTS Evercraft debuted at E3 2016

Mobile RTS is going global
NetEase's mobile RTS Evercraft debuted at E3 2016
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NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES), one of China’s leading Internet and online game services providers, showcased its upcoming mobile game Evercraft at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, and won recognition from attending media and game developer peers.

Evercraft is the first Real-Time Strategy (RTS) mobile game developed by NetEase.

The most prominent and entertaining feature of this game is the endless gameplay possibilities players can enjoy such as strategically matching hero classes with troops, accessing a whole host of character skills, taking advantage of the strengths and weakness of different troop types, and executing a wide range of battle strategies.

Evercraft is currently going through beta testing.

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E3 is the world's premier tradeshow for computer, video and mobile games and related products.

The video game industry's top talents gather at the Los Angeles Convention Center, connecting the most innovative professionals in the interactive entertainment industry.

Evercraft was featured at this year’s E3 and attracted the following of the media and peer game developers. Media reported favorably on Evercraft and indicated interest in following future developments of the game.

Peer game developers played a demo version of Evercraft, and praised that the complex and strategic gameplay of Evercraft rewards players with a mentally stimulating gaming experience.

Marketing material showed that intends to launch Evercraft in overseas markets in the future.